Leysin Ski Camp
The Alpine Skiing Experience.

Accommodation in our 3 star Alpine hotel.

20 hours of Skiing lessons per week. Beginner to advanced courses available. 

10 hours of French, German or English language courses can also be added.  

Action-packed excursion prograam!

Evening Programme. Our action-packed evening programme ensures that you'll never be left twiddling your thumbs.

Airport transfers from Geneva or Zurich are included in the price. 

Climb up with us as we reach the peak of fRilingue's camps: Leysin Ski Camp!

The Leysin skicamp is open for groups and individuals every year in January and Feburary!

This camp is aimed at adventurous kids and teenagers of all ages, starting at 8 years old and ranging right up to 18, who want to improve their skiing skills, as well as their English.

As well as offering you 10 hours of inclusive English lessons, this camp also provides 20 hours of Ski lessons with top quality, experienced skiing instructors on the Alpine slopes of Ai and Mayern. The fun doesn't stop with skiing and language however; the mountain range surrounding Leysin is home to some of Switzerland's best Hiking spots as well as the Kuklos, a panoramic restaurant that sits at the top of the Berneuse Mountain.

Carrying on into the evening, you can relax in the hotel's Spa and swimming pool and, if you want to keep the party going, the Cinema and Karaoke rooms are just across the hall. Every room in our hotel comes with a south-facing balcony, meaning that you can enjoy the breath-taking Panoramic of the Alps and Lake anytime between sunrise and sunset!

When it's time to come down from all of this excitement, the world-famous Lake Geneva lies just at the bottom of the mountain, offering easy access to the cities of Lausanne and Montreux to name a few.

Relaxation, snow and Alpine adventure are waiting up here, so don't be shy; come up and join us!

Oxygen des Alpes