St. Imier: Theatre & Video Camp
15th July - 4th August 2018 - for teens aged 13 - 18 years

Express Yourself this Summer!

Learn by Acting is our motto in this unique interactive and expressive Theatre, Video & Language camp.

Choose between French, German or English and use the language your learning through the expressive mediums of theatre and video.

Takes place in a large house in St. Imier, located in the beautiful surroundings of the Bernese Jura - perfect for inspiration & creativity!

In the beautiful surroundings of the Bernese Jura you'll find a different type of language camp!

In this camp, we want to explore so much more than a rudimentary set of language rules. We want to experience French, German or English and put the languages into practice through exciting theater and video projects. At the end of the week the film created will be screened and the plays will be performed. Everything will be, of course, in French, German & English.

Who should play which role? Which display form should we choose? What scenery and background music will we use? These and other questions will be worked out together between the students and our international teachers & artists.

We are convinced that by linking it with experience, fun and creative challanges, the language will stay in the mind and develop more efficiently. 

This camp is aimed at young people who want to learn to gain confidence while speaking, and to express themselves fluently and authentically in French or English.

In this camp, unlike all other fRilingue camps in Switzerland, the classes take place in groups of 10 and the price is a lot more attractive!

Learn by Acting